Klorane’s Desert Date Range

Klorane’s Desert Date Range

We have all gone through a good few bottles of the cult-classic Klorane dry shampoo. Now the French hair care brand has a new range in stock that you NEED to know about.

Introducing Klorane’s new Desert Date range formulated for dry, damaged and brittle hair! These wonderful products are now available alongside there hair treatments, shampoos & conditioners which use real botanical extracts such as mango, pomegranate, chamomile, and oat milk.  You can view more of their range here: Klorane.com.au

Klorane Desert Date range

All About The Desert Date

The range has a subtle natural barley-there scent which is perfect for those who are easily irritated by fragrances. 

The Desert Date is picked locally in the area of Sahel in Africa. It’s the kernel, the core of the fruit, that holds these beautiful nutritive qualities that create luscious, shiny and healthy hair. 

The three products in the range are: 


The shampoo is a lovely liquid gold runny creamy consistency that lathers so luxuriously in the hair. My scalp felt clean, refreshed and soothed while my hair is hydrated and silky soft. A little goes a long way so you really only need the size of a 10c piece for short hair and 20c for long hair.

I can’t wait to see the results after continued use. The Desert Date has strengthening properties so I’m excited to see how it goes.

Leave-in Cream

All you need is a few drops of this cream to have instant soft hair. It seals your spilt ends which healps to prevent breakage while not weighing down your hair. It makes brushing your hair so much more manageable! This product is paraben and silicone-free too.

Conditioning Balm 

The conditioning balm is super thick in consistency which helps to repair and smooth out dry and brittle ends. 

After you shampoo your hair and towel dry it, and take a small amount of the balm (about a 10c sized piece) rub it between your hands to help warm up the product. This helps get a deeper penetration into the hair folic meaning greater results. Spread it evenly over your hair, concentrating on the ends and lengths from the ears down.  Leave in for 3 minutes then rinse out throughly and finish with a cold water rinse to seal the cuticle.