RAW: The food trend that’ll save you cooking

RAW: The food trend that’ll save you cooking

The rise of the wellness blogger and the trend for “clean eating” has given way to different ways of eating. Some of these have faded before they’ve even started, and others have taken off and found their way into the mainstream. As a food trend, ‘raw’ has actually been around since the nineties, with Raw restaurants popping up around New York in the early 2000’s.
Raw-lovers believe that cooking food breaks down useful enzymes and destroys the food’s nutritious qualities. It has also been purported to increase energy and liver function. If you’re ready to go Raw, or are just interested in what is involved, here’s a little peek into what might be involved.

1. Throw out the Oven

So this might be a little bit extreme, but if you’re not a fan of cooking, Raw could actually be the food fad that keeps you sane. Obviously, you’re not going to eat raw chicken, but you could start thinking about foods such as sushi. You might find that you’re eating a lot more vegetables and salads, and you never have to use the oven again. Raw eaters profess that cooking food destroys much needed nutrients, and that uncooked food is the natural way to eat.

2. Find a Raw restaurant

While Raw eating might seem simple in practice; find fruit and veg, chop fruit and veg, eat fruit and veg, there’s only so long that you can go on only eating greens, and your body needs protein. A lot of people on Raw forget about this, or find proteins difficult to integrate into their meal plan. Luckily, with Raw making its arrival into the mainstream, there are more places where you can stick to your eating plan. The clever clogs at Deliveroo have listed all of their food by cuisine and depending on where you live, it might make eating Raw that bit more convenient. Whilst you won’t be able to eat sushi rice, Sashimi is perfect for a Raw diet, and will give you the boost of proteins and nutrients that you need.

3. Think about balance

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It can be easy to see Raw as a “vegetable diet”, but once you get clever with what you can eat, it will start to get easier. It doesn’t mean that you can never have a chocolate bar again, but you might just have to do some baking, and don’t worry, the oven isn’t involved. You could make “Raw Brownies” using raw cacao powder instead of chocolate, and substituting flour for a homemade coconut substitute. With the rise of Raw and clean eating trends, substitutes for gluten are becoming more and more popular.

4. Know your body

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Raw isn’t for everyone, and some people might find that they can’t get the proteins they need on a raw diet. The trick is to know your body, and let your doctor know that you are radically changing the way in which you eat. They will be able to give you some advice. If you find that Raw isn’t working for you, then maybe think about other ways in which your body might benefit from being healthy. You could just be missing vitamins, or going for a jog might give you that extra energy that you feel you’ve been lacking.
With so many different diet fads around, and “clean eating” pushing its way into the mainstream, it could be that the way in which we eat is changing. If you’re ready to go Raw, follow the advice of your doctor, and make sure you have done your research first!