Reducing the Appearance of Scars with PapayaCare Renew Cream

Reducing the Appearance of Scars with PapayaCare Renew Cream

I’m 2017, one of the best things I did for my self-confidence was getting 3 little moles removed from my back. I’d had them since childhood, but they always bothered me because I thought they looked gross. The doctors told me they were fine, and if I removed them I’d end up with unnecessary ugly scars. So I got them removed… and I’m so happy I did!

Over the last six weeks I’ve been using P’ure PapayaCare Papaya Renew Cream most nights which is a product that’s 100% natural and reduces the appearances of scars, stretch marks and helps dry skin. I say most nights because even though I aimed to use it every night, sometimes I was out of my routine or just forgetful. I kept the tube on my bathroom counter so I could easily apply the cream after a shower.



As you can see from the before and after photos, my scars have noticeably reduced in redness. The bottom one still appears to be quite dark, which may be due to the surgeon not cutting deep enough into the skin.

This excerpt taken from P’ure PapayaCare’s website explains how the product helps to reduce the appearance of scars:

“Scars – occur due the production of type 2 & 3 collagen during the scaring process. Type 2 & 3 collagen production is increased when there is inflammation. Reducing the inflammation and promoting the production of healthy, type 1 collagen is the best way to minimise scar formation. “

I really enjoyed using this Renew cream, not only did I use it on my scars but I also applied it to any dry rough skin on my elbows, knees, feet and hands. I once used it on my facebook at night and woke up with the most amazing, glowing, healthy plumb skin! Oh, and did I mention it smells good enough to eat!

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