The Healthy Chef – Beauty Boost

The Healthy Chef – Beauty Boost

I’m  a firm believer that beauty begins from within. Today I’m sharing with you two products to help promote hair growth, clear, firm skin and healthy strong nails: The Healthy Chef’s Organic Pea Protein and Nourish + Glow Tea.

I’m no doctor, healthy and wellness expert or nutritionist but I know that protein is essential in our diets for a healthy body. All you need to do is Google beauty benefits of Protein and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The Healthy Chef’s Organic Pea Protein

This protein is plant based, certified organic, vegan, raw, lactose free, sugar free and gluten free. It also taste really good! I use the vanilla flavour and I add one scoop into smoothies to help boost my daily intake.

I’ve been using The Healthy Chef’s Beauty Boosting Smoothie which is amazing because of the antioxidant properties, hydration and anti-ageing effects.

I use Chia seeds, banana, THC protein, THC Nourish + Glow tea, and blueberries. It’s delicious and full of goodness!

The Healthy Chef’s Nourish + Glow Tea

This tea is a blend of rosehip and hibiscus flowers with super food berries and pomegranate. I love having this before bed to unwind, relax and get the anti-ageing benefits to get my skin glowing.

You can find out more here on The Healthy Chef’s website.

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